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Books and Book Chapters

3. E. Harinath, L. C. Foguth, J.A. Paulson , and R. D. Braatz. Model predictive control of polynomial systems. In Handbook of Model Predictive Control, William S. Levine and Saša V. Raković editors, Springer, accepted.

2. J.A. Paulson , E. Harinath, L. C. Foguth, and R. D. Braatz. Control and systems theory for advanced manufacturing. In Emerging App. of Control and Systems Theory, accepted.

1. J.A. Paulson , S. Streif, R. Findeisen, R. D. Braatz, and A. Mesbah, Fast stochastic model predictive control of end-to-end continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing. In Computer Aided Chemical Engineering (Editor R. Singh), 41, 353-378, Elsevier, 2018.